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The Secret to Refinancing Your Mortgage

Ever wondered the best ways to refinance your current mortgage to get the most out of your home and its current value? There are many ways to refinance your mortgage giving you the best options while limiting your monthly burden.




Has your life changed since your first bought your home?
Is your money not stretching as far as it used to?
Do you need to consolidate your debts?
Do you want to go on that holiday that you haven’t had for years?
Do you want to pay of your mortgage sooner?
Do you want monetary freedom?
Why pay more on your mortgage than you need to?

If you’re your adjustable mortgage payments are starting to affect your standard of living you could save thousands of dollars in interest and take advantage of low long-term interest rates by refinancing your home loan. With mortgage rates across America at their lowest, the time is right to secure lower fixed term rates.

A recent report on mortgages in the United States revealed that over half of lenders are paying too much on their mortgage or have secured a loan that is not within their limitations.

Seek out the right mortgage refinance a considered the monthly rate, the length of the loan and the closing costs to ensure that you get the right refinance for you. Beware of dishonest brokers and make sure that you do your homework and understand the various types of loans available to you.

Adjustable rate mortgage – an initial interest loan rate is fixed for a set period of time and then adjusts to the economic index, meaning that it could go up or down. The initial fixed rate is usually lower that a fixed rate loan.

A fixed rate mortgage secures an interest rate for a set period of time, which means that you are aware that your monthly payments will not change, however there is much less flexibility that with an adjustable rate mortgage.

A balloon loan is has a fixed interest rates for a set amount of year, usually around 8 years. However you need to be sure that you will be able to repay the loan in full which means that you will need to be have to be able to save long term and be ready when the loan term expires.

Home equity loan – this option allows you to utilise your equity which means that you can use the additional finds to renovate or you this money to invest in other opportunities.

What ever loan suites your circumstances look into each option carefully and find a broker that will work to get you the best rate possible.

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